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How To Develop Healthy Habits And Enjoy Happy Lifestyle

Body Changes After Thirty

I’m turning 35 in a week. I’m embracing it. I feel more womanly and confident. Thirties is not “old.” The face you see in the mirror has never been more beautiful, and your body, even after children, is fabulous.

woman-after-30I have better judgement, know my body and mind better, also I’m more patient and less worried about the future. I feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I’m less afraid of being afraid.
I’m also embracing my womanhood, which allows me to connect with women and my own mother better.When I look back on the last decade, I am so excited about the amount of knowledge I gained over the last 10 years…

The years go by fast and I used to panic about getting old, but somehow 30 seems nice…Life becomes infinitely easier and more fun. YOU become smarter; sex gets better. Everything good that happens is a gift–I appreciate every great experience much more.


First Wrinkes After 30

Now wait, just wait, until the morning you see your first wrinkle, the first time you notice that the skin around your eyes crinkles just a bit and doesn’t snap back when you stretch it to put on your eye makeup. Those are body changes after 30+, but caring for skin will prolong its youthful look.

My mind has changed enormously, my body a little. I feel more “ripe”, not old. Your body can stay in great shape as long as you want to keep it that way–women doing yoga into their 60′s look great, so it’s not about feeling old or looking old, it’s more about just knowing yourself better and accepting yourself. I have better confidence now, I’m mentally more at peace, attracted to healtier men and situations. I’m happier.

The Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age

I don’t feel like my youth is disappearing as much as I feel like I am blooming into the best person I can be. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.
With age comes wisdom. Now I focus more on concentrating on my life and goals. I can better appreciate my strengths as well as being mature enough to recognize my weaknesses. I’m not particularily vain so I don’t really care about the physical signs but I am proud of the mental and emotional experience that I have. Simple things like having a cup of tea while reading a book, or helping other people make me happy now, while having a boyfriend or buying new shoes used to make me happy 10 years ago. Turning 40 does not scare me, it is just another number. I am happy.


How To Keep Blooming After 30

If you smoke, STOP. It’s not just for your health, it’s for your looks. Women who smoke eventually look much older than they really are. And stay out of the sun and don’t tan.

If woried about the extra pounds you should place less importance on loosing weight and more on eating healthy and exercising. My suggestion is that you get out your scale, buy a healthy eating cookbook, get on an exercise plan, and let the weight thing work itself out.



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