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Are You Willing To Pay $10 000 To Get A Better Body?

Only 10 per cent of women are happy with their bodies, and 66 per cent believe that slim woman climb the career ladder quicker.
More than half of women surveyed have tried slimming diet pills for a quick fix as they were “fed up feeling fat”.

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Want to Lose Weight

  • fed up feeling fat
  • worried about their weight since they were teenagers
  • worrying after they had children
  • want to slim for fashion reasons
  • believe that a better body would drastically improve their lives

Half of the women want to change their stomach. They want get a flat stomach and lose belly fat faster than in 2 weeks. But one third would be willing to pay even $10 000 to get a better body.
76 per cent of the women responded were aged between 25 and 49. Do you recognize someone?

According WHO magazine’s online pool

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best for women
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