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Perfect Brownie Edges Baking Pan For Best Brownies Ever

Looking for the best brownies? We think the best brownies have moist centers, a paper – thin crackly crust, and lots of chewy edges. If you agree, you’ll love the Edge Brownie Pan. This is wonderful pan that makes the BEST brownies!

Fighting Over Brownies? No More

If also in your house you’re always fighting over the brownies at the edges and corners, leaving the “middles” on the serving plate, this pan solves the problem. With this Brownie Edges Baking Pan you all get what you want! No gooey chewey center. Plus, you can add walnuts to you portion without impacting anyone else’s part. Fabulous!

Nylon spatula and brownie recipes included with the Pan purchase

This perferct nonstick brownie pan adds two delicious, chewy edges on every individual brownie serving. You get lots of edge evenly baked and the edges do not get hard or dried out like a conventional pan. This pan makes every single brownie in the pan equally yummy.
The brownies bake up perfectly and come out of the pan easily.

This pan is also great for cornbread, cookie bars, lemon bars and pretty much anything else that has a crusty edge.

Easy to clean. The brownie pan washes clean with hot soapy water.

Brownie Baking Pan — Great Christmas Gift For Women

Not only you’ll love this brownie edges pan but anyone who tries those brownies. Get them for Christmas gifts. It’s a perfect gift for those who love brownies but not the hassle!


Perfect Sized Little Nylon Spatula For Cutting Brownies

The pan also comes with the perfect sized little spatula that fits perfectly within the rows, so you don’t have to worry about scratching the pan with metal one. The spatula makes it so easy to cut and remove brownies from the pan. You need to treat the pan gently, no metal implements, and no metal scrubbers.

 Non-Stick Cooking Sprayer For The Brownie Pan


Best Brownies Recipe Or How To Bake The Best Brownies

You’ll need perfect pan to get perfect brownies. No doubt the Edge Brownie Pan is the one you absolutely need to get best brownies ever.
With the pan my brownies gone from good to great! See the customer rating above — 5 stars! Every bar is evenly cooked and perfectly chewy. If that’s what you want, go for it.

Not only is the pan the best but the brownie recipe that comes with it makes the best brownies I have ever ate. Give it a try and this brownie edges baking pan will be the only brownie pan you’ll be using at your house. Guaranteed.

How to bake best brownies? Don’t overcook them. You will need to adjust your bake times especially if using ‘box’ mixes. It should be noted that then your brownie cook time will be less then what is noted in your recipe.
Family size mix brownie cook time will be as listed on the package. Average bake time is 20-25 minutes. The smaller boxed mixes require less time…so for the best result watch carefully the last 10 minutes!


Chocolate Brownies Recipes

This is an absolutey fabulous book!

Another delicious timesaver! These brownies are bilss. Clik the image to learn more about the book now

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