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Where Can You Find Really Hot Shiny Cheap Metallic Leggings

purple-metalilc-wet-look-leggingsHave you got already a pair of shiny metallic leggings?

They are very glossy and soft and they shine like a mirror. It must not be easy for guys take their eyes off when girls are in them .

One day I got curious and decided to try them on.

Any crazy color – shiny blue, silver, gold, purple etc. would do for me, but … I could not find them.

Finally I got shiny metallic purple wet look celeb pants for $20 on Amazon! They felt so wonderful to wear, I really love the feeling.

They are so well fitted! Awesome pants. It definitely has the liquid leather look too. Wearing these with heels is just so sexy.

Besides many colors there is a size chart also on the site to help you get your size. If you’re larger than a size 10, you probably won’t fit in the XL.



A Cheap Pair of Silver Metallic Leggings

Well depending how cheap you want to go, you have a few options. American Apparel you could most likely find your metallic leggings but it will probably cost you close to $20 or even $42.Not cheap, check if they are on sale.
Miley Cyrus just came out with her clothing line and i know for sure she has some. I know that they have some at Kohls.

Click the image to learn more now

Check out they have metallic leggings in every color: red, gold, silver, hot pink, kelly green, orange,turquoise. etc They also have these metallic leggings in capri lenght, mid calf length and ankle length. If you enter the code VVVIP at checkout you can get 10% off your order too.

Try Hot Topic – your looking at spending around $12 or go to Target, Wal-Mart or K-mart. I’m sure you can find some there for well under $12. Or try eBay! People sell them for all kinds of prices!

Check out also Forever 21, Wet Seal, H&M, Macy’s or The Beauty Supply Store. If these stores are in your area you’ll get a really cheap metallic leggings. Forever 21 has leggings for $11, Rue 21 had gold and silver ones. Do you have a Ross nearby where you live? Because they sometimes stock metallic leggings.

Go on Polyvore online store and click on browse, then click on the tab ITEMS and put in metallic leggings in the search box and voila. See if you have a lot luck for leggings at has a lot of metallic and bold patterned leggings. You can find them for $10 and they come in blue, yellow, green and like all the colors. When I was there golden were only $8 dollars.lindsay-lohan-leggings

Is it true that women don’t wear pantyhose and stockings anymore?

pink-tightsPantyhose have fallen out of fashion, declares major part of women! They don’t wear even underwear!
Is that true or perhaps they’re just uncomfortable? Maybe you think pantyhose are for older women who have unattractive legs or for women who are hiding scars of some sort?

If legs are not the best feature, pantyhose would really make them look better and it gives a more professional appearance. Pantyhose is a great body shaper too. If have a large rear and tummy, go for the hose. Pantyhose also prevents varicose veins as you age but get ones that provide the support, and your legs will thank you. Your legs can definitely tell the difference between the days you wear pantyhose and those you go “bare.”

If work at a bank or similar place, company policy usually dictates that women have to wear pantyhose, and you know, they all say that hate wearing them! But if you want to be treated like a competent professional, you should dress like one. Whether you wear them outside of work is your choice.
I guess the reason many women don’t wear them is because they are out of vogue. Women! Do you think pantyhose will ever make a comeback?

Socks And Tights Or Bare Legs?

Pantyhose or stockings make the legs look better… doubt about it. It is more feminine. However, it’s ok also wear thigh highs in any professional type situation instead of pantyhose. Stockings make women look professional when wearing the naughty stockings under a tailored black suit. But beware, they use to slipp down.

Women adore wearing stockings, which makes them feel sexier than they already are. I wear stockings with garters for special occasions and I wear tights but I think I’d feel unfashionable in pantyhose.

Are pantyhose really kind of dated? Do you keep a couple of pairs around for formal occasions like funerals and job interviews? Maybe you save the pantyhose only for role playing in the bedroom if that’s fun for you and your boyfriend?

Let’s Men Speak Up

Men think pantyhose look so much better than bare legs. As far as men go, every man I have ever known the opinion of, LOVES thighhighs! Or garter and stockings too.
One friend of mine told about his wife that she was sexy, 24/7. But, when she went with the hose, either thigh high or the fully panty, she was extra sexy that he’s getting bothered thinking about wife in hose. Ask your man does he prefer to look at bare legs?

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